Nicole’s Weight Loss Journey- Part 4

It’s amazing how much can change in the space of the year! 2013 had rocked up, slapped me in the face and scarpered off into the past laughing while I stood bewildered. But as they say, “it ain’t over til the fat lady sings”. And I was ready for a full on rendition.

2015-03-31 14.06.03For years I walked around with excuses “…well I’ve had 2 kids”. “It’s post pregnancy weight that I can’t shift”…. blah blah blah! The good Lord knows, I really couldn’t keep blaming my gorgeous boys for my indulgence. My youngest son was going to turn 5 in February for goodness sake. Lol!

No, it was time to forget 2013. It was 2014 and the year of my 10th Wedding Anniversary. I had a determination like no other and I decided to turn my excuses into motivations. I now had 2 main goals to work towards.

I frogmarched my husband down to the travel agents to book what I referred to as our second honeymoon. I didn’t care where we went and didn’t know how we would afford it. But I was certain that this was going to be my year. I’d lost myself overtime… stopped caring. Now I was ready to find me… to love me again and not feel guilty for wanting to look after number 1#.

I set myself realistic goals. I knew how much weight I wanted to lose and then broke it down into a managable time frame. I had a plan and one that seemed achievable. I needed to lose 1lb per week (4lb per month). Sounded easy enough, right? The truth is… giving up is easy. The hard work was now about to start.

I decided to cut down on carbs. I cancelled my gym membership and made use of the mountain of exercise equipments I had bought. I also used my home spa which the hubby had bought me for Christmas after numerous hints.2015-04-03 14.44.04

Things were going well and I was losing weight slowly and steadily. However a friend’s post caught my eye. They had lost 3 stone and looked amazing. Curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to know what they were doing. After enquiring, I learnt it was a meal replacement shake plan. Not one I had heard of before so I was sceptical but it sounded great and I signed up.

I can hear you asking already… Did I get the results I wanted? Of course not!! I did shift some weight, just not the amount I expected. However, hand on heart, it was because I was not strict and did not follow the plan as instructed. After all, it comes down to will power. Admittedly the shakes are delicious and packed with nutrients. To date, I still use the product and it is probably the only one I would recommend due to the fact that it promotes a healthy lifestyle change and not just a quick fix.

2015-04-03 13.46.04You’ll know my thoughts on quick fix gimmicks from my previous blog so I’ll try not to rant on. But if it’s as simple as just buying it in a bottle, wouldn’t the many of us so desperately trying to lose weight be “skinny”? I will reiterate what I said because I feel strongly on the matter… “you get out what you put in it!” It is not realistic to think you can just sit back and change your body image from popping a few weight loss pills. However when combined with exercise and a balanced diet, you could be onto a winner. I am by no means an expert but my opinion is that to get the results you desire you cannot have one without the other. Therefore as a long time goal, you are more likely to lose and more importantly, maintain the weight loss if done correctly. I will continue to say it time and time again; the journey to weight loss isn’t just about shedding pounds is a lifestyle change and about getting fitter and stronger both mentally and physically.

By April of 2014, I had lost close to a stone from changing my diet, drinking the shakes and exercising. I also sweated it IMG_259400295891647out with the occasional home steam. I was no longer on track because my weight has plateaued. Still, I was happy to be moving in the right direction and determined I could achieve my goal by my holiday in September with a little more effort. I just had to persevere.

But then I was asked by my employer if I would travel to the UAE in June for 3 months. Immediately, the ghost of India popped up and rared its ugly head. I thought if I travelled now, surely I’d be taking two steps backwards. I suddenly had a million reasons why I should stay in the UK. Ok… ok, not a million reasons but three very good ones. I had promised my older son he could have a party for his birthday in July, then there was my cousin’s wedding, followed by another wedding of my good friend. It all seemed to be happening in 2014 and I wanted to be part of it.

I expressed my thoughts to the hubby. However he was most encouraging. I guess he had more faith in me then I had in myself. So I accepted my 3 month posting. But what happens when I travel to Abu Dhabi? Would it be a repeat of India?

Continue to follow me my story to find out what happens next.

Ps- if you are interested in more information regarding the meal replacement shakes I used, feel free to send me a message and I will put you in touch with the distributor.

My weight loss tips (so far)
• There is no quick fix! If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.
• Learn to importance of saying no
• Burn more calories than you consume
• Find a workout that suits you. Our bodies are all built differently. (Insanity was not the right exercise for me but one that my hubby thoroughly enjoys)
• Stress and lack of sleep are actually 2 factors that can prevent weight loss
• If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up!
• Turn excuses into motivations (you don’t have to book a holiday, maybe plan a big BBQ/ get together in the summer)
• Set realistic, achievable goals
• You get out what you put in (a.k.a you reap what you sow… if you want that lean body, you gonna have to do more than just take some supposed weight loss pills)

Secret Touch Creations… “a secret worth sharing”


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