Nicole’s Weight Loss Journey- Part 3

2015-03-29 13.16.55So here I am post India. I had admitted defeat and I was ready to try again. And although I really wanted to shred the pounds, not even I was convinced it could be done.
My sister had just bought some workout DVDs called Insanity, which she said we should try. Immediately, the hubby piped up2015-03-29 11.10.57 in the background… “Yeah I’ve heard about Insanity. Let me workout with you!” he said with excitement in his voice. I looked at these two with raised eyebrows (yeah, you know the signatory Rock eyebrow) like they were crazy. I mean who the hell gets excited about working out?

The name Insanity alone, made me put up resistance but hay ho, I’ll give anything a try once. “Fine”, I’ll go change my clothes”, I said. Within the first 5 minutes of the DVD rolling, I wanted to throw in the towel. Now I know why this Shaun T fella named it “Insanity!!!” I was smiling through the pain but really I was thinking “What the f**k?”

My sister and hubby were still going and I felt like I was playing Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I remember feeling a sharp pain and attempted to sit down only for the hubby to shout… “C’mon!” encouragingly. I persevered and followed the modified version for a bit longer before saying enough is enough! For me, that workout was a killer.

The next day I noticed I couldn’t stop hiccupping. It was relentless. I ignored it, however over the next few days the hiccups turned into burps. Unattractive… I know!! If there’s an excuse to be made out of a situation, trust me, I’ll find it! So as far as I was concerned that was my first and last Insanity workout.

I eventually got an appointment at the doctors. He asked “if I was stressed and sleeping well?” Of course, I was damn stressed! I was a woman on a mission. But to his question, I simply replied… “I don’t feel stressed”. He went on to explain that it appeared my diaphragm had shifted or the muscle has tensed up, which resulted in the hiccups. I corrected him and said… its burps! He corrected me,” no, its hiccups”. Whatever!! I thought. He wrote a prescription that would relax the diaphragm and promote deep sleep. Sadly, the medication didn’t work.

I put it down to the Insanity exercise. It was an extreme form of exercise and I in my reluctance to say no, had jumped right in. As a result, it had sent my body (or more importantly, my diaphragm) into complete shock! Lol!

This was bloody great!! Here I was insecure about my body and now I had constant burps on top of it. I was failing miserably. I wanted to stick to fingers up to the world. Arghhhh…. I give up!!!!! AGAIN!!!

But deep down, I didn’t want to give up. I just wanted to be my former, happy me.

I love Zumba® and decided to take it a step further, by training to become an Instructor on 1st December 2012. Despite my fascination with this trending exercise, I IMG_4362[1]2015-03-19 08.08.33had done nothing with my new skill. So, I decided to go back and train as a Zumba® Kids and Zumba® Kids Jr instructor. In my mind, it made sense to start off by teaching children. Hopefully they wouldn’t see my lack of confidence. However, following completion of my training, I was still didn’t feel confident. I mean…. “who would want some overweight person teaching them about keeping fit?” Besides, I could just about get through one song. “How on earth was I meant to teach a full 1 hour class?” This new brain wave of mine was a non-starter!

Over the next few months I invested in quite a number of exercise equipments. Every time a new box got delivered, my 2015-03-29 11.10.56-1husband he would just shake his head disapprovingly. He would ask “where you going to put that?” “There’s no more space and you don’t even use the stuff you have already brought!” “Yes but I will”, I’d reply. I don’t know who I was trying to convince more. Me or him? I was starting to clutter the house. I was know the proud owner of a cross trainer, rowing machine, leg magic, ab circle, sit-up machine, body toner and 5 mins abs to name a few. I wanted to be healthier… I wanted to lose weight. So why couldn’t I just leave the custard cream biscuits and cheesecake alone??? Because my mindset was more dominant than my desire to lose weight. After every meal, I needed something sweet to satisfy my craving.

The closer it got to Christmas, the easier it was for me to say “I’ll start again in January”.

I did the occasional 10 minutes on the cross trainer or Wii Zumba and closet ate my way into 2014. Sadly, I had become a 2015-03-29 11.05.27depressed, overweight, burping hoarder. Yeah, I think that pretty much sums it up!

I think its fair to say 2013 was a write off! I had lost the odd lbs but nothing significant. And whilst my journey was slow off the starting line, I eventually learnt the secret in 2014.

My weight loss tips (so far)

• There is no quick fix! If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.
• Learn to importance of saying no
• Burn more calories than you consume
• Find a workout that suits you. Our bodies are all built differently. (Insanity was not the right exercise for me but one that my hubby thoroughly enjoys)
• Stress and lack of sleep are 2 factors that can prevent weight loss. Get your 8 hours in!
• If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up!

Continue to follow my story at to find out how things finally changed in 2014.


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